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Low Impact

Low Impact Classes



Low Impact Classes:

These are a good place to start for all beginners to Aerobics. A safe overall workout done by always keeping one foot on the floor.


  • Entire body work out
  • Excellent calorie burning
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Body strengthening


instructor-testBrandon | 4 Years
Brandon is a qualified instructor offering toning, aerobics, yoga and boot camp classes

Full Schedule

Upcoming Classes

Archie's Super Class
Mon Feb 25 @18:00 - 07:30PM
Mixed Fit Aerobics
Tue Feb 26 @10:00 - 11:00AM
Cardio - 30 min
Tue Feb 26 @18:00 - 06:30PM
Zumba 1
Tue Feb 26 @18:30 - 07:30PM
Boot Camp
Wed Feb 27 @18:00 - 07:30PM
Aerobics 2
Thu Feb 28 @18:00 - 06:30PM

Instructors Tabs

  • Archie
  • Abigail
Archie offers boot camps every Wednesday evening and high intensity Aerobics every Tuesday and Thursday evening
Abigail performs Zumba Classes every Tuesday evening

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