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Motivational Talk at Bloomberg

Marianda Geel lost a whopping 120kgs. Come and hear her phenomenal story.
Marianda Geel
When: 27th April
Where: Bloomberg Gym in the Studio
Time: Starts at 2pm, Finish at 3pm
Ticket cost: R50 per person (non Bloomberg members)
R20.00 (Bloomberg members)

Strong by Zumba™

Introducing Strong by Zuma™

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Instructors and Trainers

  • Zumba - Abigail (Tuesday)
  • Zumba - Bevil (Thursday & Saturday)
  • Basic Aerobics - Desima (Monday)
  • Aerobics - Brandon (Morning Classes - Mon| Wed| Fri)
  • Super Aerobics - Archie
  • Belly Dancing - Crystal

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